Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Another dull morning

Another climb before work this morning followed by some lift-assistance (cheating) to get perfect powder on Col du Bassachaux.

This was the first proper powder test of my new Movement Ikis - i still need to learn to ski them but they are SO much better than my too-short and too-skinny Dynastar Altitrails.

The top of the Col was extremely wind-blown (and still blowing when we were there), but the snow of yesterday fell on top of the, now compacted, first fall of the previous week.  So now we have a base and powder.  Awesome.

This photo of Natalie with Lac de Montriond in the background is also awesome - even if it's skew - it was very cold and this was taken one-handed in an extremely strong wind.

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Tony (who is getting jealouser by the blog entry) said...

Is this off piste?